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Property Consortium Drainage

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Drainage and water services

Property Consortium Drainage (PCD) offers a full range of mains and non-mains drainage and water investigations and repairs to both domestic and commercial customers.

  • Drainage unblocking and cleaning, and tanker services
  • Drainage repairs and emergency works
  • Surveys and CCTV inspections
  • Leak detection
  • Water supply pipe investigations and repairs
  • Non-mains drainage repairs and maintenance
  • Specialist technical advice
  • Subsidence investigations

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our service ethos. We’re here to take your calls to attend to your drainage and water issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our network includes surveyors that are experienced in drainage and water claims.

We work to a set of agreed rates with commercial organisations, and will provide domestic customers with an estimate when we arrange the appointment, where possible.

Drainage unblocking and cleaning, and tanker services

We can unblock and clean your drain. Our team carries all the unblocking and jetting equipment we need to investigate and rectify all types of issues to restore serviceability.

As well as attending to ad-hoc issues and emergencies, we can maintain the operation of your drainage system by removing scale, debris and retained deposits as part of a planned maintenance package.

We have a suction tanker service for removal of flood water and contaminated waste water.

Drainage repairs

When drainage repairs are necessary we’ll use ‘no dig’ technology where possible to minimise disruption at site.

If the repair does require an excavation we’ll work with you to devise a programme of repairs best suited to the site and your requirements.

Drainage surveys and CCTV inspections

As drainage systems are usually concealed in some way, PCD utilises high-spec CCTV equipment to conduct investigations into hard-to-reach areas as part of a drainage survey.

Additionally we conduct a visual inspection of accessible pipework and manholes and subsequently prepare a full report containing all findings, including photographs and CAD site plan, and concluding with our recommendations.

Leak detection and repair of water supply pipes

We carry a full range of detection equipment to trace the pipework and identify the location of the leak. We use various methods, including thermal imaging, tracer gas and correlation equipment, to accurately identify areas of defect in order to minimise disruption when making the repair.

PCD can quickly attend to water leaks and undertake the necessary repairs to water supply pipes.

Non-mains drainage repairs and maintenance

PCD offers investigations, repairs and planned maintenance of septic tanks, treatment plants and soakaways.

We carry out a range of surveys, including a pre-purchase survey, and also provide advice on system repairs, replacements and upgrades.

Specialist technical advice

We are able to carry out all forms of assessments and reviews of drainage and water service systems, considering all aspects including business interruption, scope of repair, cost of works and health and safety requirements.

Subsidence investigations

Subsidence incidents are often related to the failure of underground drainage or water supply pipes. Our network of specialist contractors undertakes investigations of drainage and water pipes to locate and identify defects then undertakes repairs as part of the overall subsidence resolution.


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